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Watch this two minute video
to see how Candle makes medical record retrieval easy.

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 North Carolina 









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 North Carolina 

Automate requests.

Streamline your records department

with batch requests. Candle handles

the mailing, faxing, and third party website requesting for you. Postage

costs are included in your straight-forward monthly price. 

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Track requests.

Effortlessly track and manage your requests after they go out to make sure

you get the records back.


Set automated Clio tasks to get e-mail reminders and calendar notifications for each request. Nothing slips through the cracks with Candle.  

Track Bills & Liens. 

Easily keep track of your client's medical bills, liens, and insurance payments with Candle's "Billy" feature. 

Quickly see the "big picture" of each matter with a request pie chart and settlement calculator. 



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Have an interactive demo with a record request engineer. 

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Former University of Florida

GatorNest Client

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Trusted by tech leaders. 


Former "New and Notable"

on the Clio App Directory

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Seven day free trial | No commitment 

Check-out Candle in the Boston College Law School Magazine

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Our mission is to help those who are helping those in need by lowering the cost of resolving personal injury cases.

We believe that records delayed is justice denied. We also believe personal injury cases take too long, often due to inefficiencies which can be solved with technology. That's why we automated the historically time-consuming medical record and bill request process. 

The name Candle is derived from Mathew 5:16 "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Innovation is our mission and our ministry.  

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Injuries Hurt. Obtaining

Medical Records Shouldn't.

Software to automate record retrieval, bill & lien tracking, and task reminders

Seven day free trial | No commitment 

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