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"I work 40 hours a week with a good amount of cases, so I would say in total I'm saving around  6-8 hours a week        [with Candle Request], spending 1-2 hours in total a day collecting records and bills."  

Natalia, Case Manager, Crim & Villalpando, P.C.

Integrates directly with Clio.

Candle Request is an integration in Clio's App Directory for law firms who request medical records and bills. With Candle Request, you can request medical records or billing statements to prove your client's case directly from your Clio account.

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How will Candle help me?

Bulk Requests

Bulk Requests

Smart Requests

Smart Requests

Smart Requests

Smart Reports



Bulk Requests

Clients have often treated at multiple facilities.



With Candle, you can send all requests (billing, radiology, physician's billing, etc.) at once!

Smart Requests

Medical facilities can have complex record request policies.


Candle allows you to simplify record and bill requests by training Candle on each facility's preferences - mail, fax, third party websites, etc.   

Organized Requests

Hang up the record request spreadsheets.

Candle creates an automated record request report for you organized by client, facility, date sent, and many other metrics to help you take charge of record requests.


Our mission is to help those who are helping those in need by lowering the cost of resolving personal injury cases.

We believe that records delayed is justice denied. We also believe personal injury cases take too long, often due to inefficiencies which can be solved with technology. That's why we automated the historically time-consuming medical record and bill request process. 

The name Candle is derived from Mathew 5:16 "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Innovation is our mission and our ministry.  


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