Cadence – Automated Clio Reminders

People have asked for a way to create auto-reminders in Clio ✔️ for their Candle 🕯️ medical record requests to save time and further streamline the process. 🔉 In response, we recently launched a new feature for the Clio//Candle integration called Cadence.💡 With Cadence, you can set automated Clio tasks (with email reminders) for each of your record requests with the click of a button. ⏲️ 🗓️ ✅ Check-out this short video for the details! 📹 We think Cadence will be a great asset for every Clio user –– from the solo practitioner needing a superpower to the busy paralegal with a never-ending to-do list. 🚀 Cadence – Like Clockwork

  1. Set reminders for following up on your record requests.

  2. You are emailed a reminder 10 days after you click the Cadence button. ⏱

We strive to provide a joyful, fun, and productive user experience. If there are any suggestions or feedback you would like to share, please send them our way. ✈️ ​ Be well, Candle 🕯️ P.S. Click here below to book a free demo 😊

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