🙌 Re-connecting Clio to Candle ☕️

Hi There,

I'm writing to update you on all things Candle –– and some inventions we have been releasing lately which will make your work/life balance even more balanced. ⚖️

In this email, I'll show you how to re-connect Candle to your Clio account if you get disconnected.

Let's get started. ☕️

Sometimes your Candle account can become disconnected from Clio, which can cause Candle to disappear in your Clio account. 😱

To Re-Connect To Clio, Simply Complete the Following Steps:

  1. Log into your Candle account : click here.

  2. If asked for a Cover Letter, click "Do It Later."

  3. Click "Re-connect to Clio"

You're In! 🕯

Welcome back to Clio.

Now you're ready to send your record requests. 🙌

We strive to provide a joyful, fun, and productive user experience. If there are any suggestions or feedback you would like to share, please send them our way. ✈️ ​ Be well, Candle

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