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PI Cases Need Medical Records

Just as vehicles need fuel, personal injury attorneys need their client's medical records.

Nine Steps per Request

But requesting medical records is a historically tedious process, often requiring up to nine steps per-request.

18 Requests per Case

And each provider typically has various record types and methods for

obtaining those records.  

7O Clients = 1,26O Requests

With 7O cases, a firm would be responsible

for up to 1,26O requests. 

One Client = Nine Bills

Throughout the life of the case, a client

could accrue approximately nine different medical bills.

7O Clients = 63O Bills

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With 7O cases, a firm would be responsible

for managing 63O

medical bills. 

And a client could have one or multiple liens which need to be satisfied once the

case is resolved.

With hundreds of medical bills and thousands of record requests, personal injury firms are in a medical record vortex. 

Watch the video below to see how law firms can solve this problem. 

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Injuries Hurt. Obtaining

Medical Records Shouldn't.

Software to automate record retreival, bill & lien tracking, and task reminders

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