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PI Cases Need Medical Records

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Just as vehicles need fuel, personal injury attorneys need their client's medical records.

Nine Steps per Request

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But requesting medical records is a historically tedious process, often requiring up to nine steps per-request.

18 Requests per Case

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And each provider typically has various record types and methods for

obtaining those records.  

7O Clients = 1,26O Requests

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With 7O cases, a firm would be responsible

for up to 1,26O requests. 

One Client = Nine Bills

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Throughout the life of the case, a client

could accrue approximately nine different medical bills.

7O Clients = 63O Bills

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With 7O cases, a firm would be responsible

for managing 63O

medical bills. 

And a client could have one or multiple liens which need to be satisfied once the

case is resolved.

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With hundreds of medical bills and thousands of record requests, personal injury firms are in a medical record vortex. 

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Watch the video below to see how law firms can solve this problem. 

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Injuries Hurt. Obtaining

Medical Records Shouldn't.

Software to automate record retrieval, bill & lien tracking, and task reminders

Seven day free trial | No commitment 

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